Our Promise Warranty

We create our products-and our guarantees-with you in mind. We offer a 1 year manufacturers defect warranty. Be sure to keep your proof of purchase so we can honour our promise to you.


We use the finest materials and master craftsmanship to bring you jewelry that's flawlessly beautiful. If you happen to find a defect within 1 year, we'll gladly repair it. And if your jewelry can't be fixed, we'll replace it-with a smile. Our guarantee doesn't cover loss or damage due to bending, tarnishing, stretching, scratches, cracked ring shanks, broken or cracked stones or missing stones due to ring damage. But we'll gladly repair damaged items not covered by our guarantee for an additional charge. Visit our blog post for more details on keeping your silver shining.

Body Jewelry

We craft our body jewelry for beauty, strength and safety-and we guarantee that every piece is free from defects. Our guarantee doesn't cover stripped, cracked or lost parts (including but not limited to balls, shafts, stones and accessories). For obvious hygienic reasons, all body jewelry sales are final.


While tungsten rings are known for their durability they can be scratched, crack and break. Scratches, cracks and breakage are not covered by our guarantee. Visit our blog post for more details on tungsten. 


All Metalsmiths Sterling™ leather, suede, canvas and PVC handbags are guaranteed for one year. We'll repair any defect in workmanship occurring under normal wear and tear within one year of date of purchase at no charge with the original receipt. After one year, we'll make repairs for a minimal charge.


With proper care, your watch will keep you on time for years. If you find anything wrong with your Metalsmiths Sterling™ brand or other designer watch within 30 days of purchase, simply bring it back to Metalsmiths Sterling™, and we'll handle everything. If you have problems with a non-Metalsmiths Sterling™ brand watch after 30 days, please send it to the manufacturer at the address in the booklet that came with the watch. You can also find manufacturer contact information at metalsmiths.ca. In all cases, the manufacturer's warranty applies. You're responsible for any shipping and handling costs. For repair of manufacturer defects, you can expect to receive your watch back within three to six weeks. Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the customer.


Your new sunglasses are covered by the manufacturer's warranty when accompanied by your original receipt. Warranties don't cover cracked, broken, scratched lenses, bent frames, damage from abnormal or abusive use, lack of care, accidents, or normal wear and tear. All repairs will be handled by the manufacturer's authorized repair facility listed in the warranty book that came with your glasses. Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the customer.