Collection: Ammolite Jewellery

Ammolite is an iridescent semi-precious gemstone. Found mostly in Alberta's Rocky Mountains, this stone stimulates your survival instincts and encourages you to achieve personal power in your life

Ammonites are fossils found in rocks near the ocean and said to draw off negative energy. A lucky stone that brings health, wealth and happiness.

  • Healing Properties

    It is said that natural stones contain metaphysical healing properties – that wearing or holding these stones have benefits that extend beyond beautifully accessorizing. 

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  • Amber

     Amber is fossilized tree resin, 22-37 million years old that floats to shore: our Certified Baltic Amber is from the Black Sea and is completely natural. 

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  • Chakra Stones

    Use natural tumbled healing stones to unblock and balance your chakras.

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