Keeping your Sterling Silver Shiny

Keeping your Sterling Silver Shiny

Keeping your jewelry gleaming for years is easy. At the end of the day simply wipe your jewelry with our special silver polishing cloth. This cloth is treated with an anti-tarnish agent that cleans and polishes without damaging the metal or stones. Never place your jewelry in a liquid silver dip or rinse!

Purchase your very own polishing cloth.

Over time silver will tarnish.

Tarnishing isn't a manufacturers defect, it's just the nature of the metal and part of its beauty. Protecting your jewelry from things like chlorine (hot tubs, pools), bleach (cleaning products) and alcohol-based products (hairspray, shampoo, hand lotion, tanning creams) will significantly slow the tarnishing process. When your jewelry tarnishes, the polishing cloth will work wonders to clean it - it really is super easy and quick to use.

Black on Silver

Black on a piece of jewelry means it has oxidized. Oxidization is a natural process and something jewellers will sometimes do intentionally as part of a design. It is also not considered to be a manufactures defect.

Oxidization is caused by hydrogen sulfide which is natural substance in the air. Products like body lotion, chrlorine, perfume, sunscreen, deodorants, hand sanitizers, soaps and more can work with the hydrogen sulfide to oxidize (turn  black) silver quicker. Your body also has natural oils that, depending on your body chemistry, can quicken the oxidization. Body chemistry is affected by everything from your genetics to the food you eat, the type of alcohol and/or medication to how much you sweat. This is all to say that body chemistry is not a stable thing and can change over time.

Made to Last

We polish a lot of silver in this company! Every piece is polished before we send it to you and our stores are constantly polishing the jewelry to keep things shiny. We designed the polishing cloth to put up with the demands of our stores so don't worry if your cloth has some black marks and is wrinkly, it will still work just as good as the day you bought it. For most people, one cloth will be good for years. Keep in mind it is treated so don't wash it! 

Intricate Pieces

If your piece of jewellery has a lot of detail, texture or small cut out spaces, a neat trick to getting into those tiny spaces is to use a clean tooth brush. This method also works great for polishing inside an engraving.

Rub the tooth brush on the polishing cloth to pick up the anti-tarnishing agent and rub the tooth brush gently over the area. (It goes without saying that you shouldn't use the tooth brush on your teeth after!)




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