We LOVE tungsten! Its strength makes it a beautiful long lasting ring that is perfect for weddings, engagements and those forever moments you don't want to forget.

Did you know?

  • Watchmakers were the first to use tungsten carbide in jewelry by making watch bands that were harder to scratch. Since then tungsten carbide has emerged as a serious competitor in the ring industry due to its resilience, strength, and beauty.

  • Tungsten is approximately three times stiffer than steel, and much denser than steel or titanium. Tungsten rings are so dense that it’s nearly impossible for them to deform or injure you in an accident. Hospital emergency rooms have a tool called a "ring cracker" to cut off a ring if a finger is swelling up.
  • Because of the density, tungsten rings are not sizeable.
  • Scratch resistant means they can be scratched but it is a little harder to do than scratching a silver or gold ring. This means that tungsten can be engraved but it will be very light.

How is it coloured?

  • Also known as IP Plating, this is one of the newest surface coating procedures and also the most advanced till date. It involves adding a titanium nitride layer to the tungsten, in a vapor form. The end result is a harder and more durable surface which offers greater brightness and sheen than the traditional methods of plating.
  • The process is carried out in a vacuum environment as low pressure has to be created for the evaporation of solid metal. Electric ions are produced when the vapor is heated and bombarded with electrons. This plasma is accelerated by the magnetic field induced, as it covers the tungsten. Given its durability and chemical stability, ion plating is rightly called “permanent” coating.

Care and Cleaning

  • Highly resistant to scratching, however it is not scratch proof and we do not guarantee it that it will not scratch.
  • Can crack or break. Tungsten rings can crack or break if dropped on a hard surface (including bathroom tile) or hit against something hard. This is the same property of the metal that allows a hospital to remove the ring with a "ring cracker". Like all jewelry, we recommend removing during manual labor.
  • Requires essentially no care & will retain its lustre and high polish forever.
  • Soapy water will remove any oil, grease and dirt.
  • Polishing cloth will eliminate fingerprints and smudges.

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