Universal Charm Bead Bracelet



The Metalsmiths Sterling Universal Charm Bead Bracelet is designed to accept charms from most widely available charm bead bracelet brands, including Halia charms. The bracelet features a secure barrel clasp that clicks closed and can be opened by gently applying vertical pressure at the closure.  The bracelet is available in 7.5, 7.9, 8.5 and 9 inches in total length: the barrel clasp is about 7mm in diameter by 8mm tall. The bracelet is about 3mm in diameter and can hold beads with an opening of at least this size. The charm bracelet features a sleek rubber stopper to hold your charms in place while open. We recommend that you choose a bracelet size one half to one inch larger than what you would normally wear: a bead charm bracelet should seem loose when it has few charms on it because it will feel tighter as you add more charms.

Sterling silver, hypoallergenic and nickel free.

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