Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Money Clip with Gold Dipped Dot


$70.50 $94

This sleek and modern money clip, exclusively from Metalsmiths Sterling is a classic gift for someone looking to simplify their life with a sophisticated solution.

This stainless steel piece is designed to grip cash and credit cards securely: pretensioned to maintain shape and hold tight. This clip does not use magnets, so there is no risk of erasing an important credit or gift card.

The modern shape of the money clip is accented with a simple gold dipped dot: a perfect touch of minimalist flair.

The clip measures about 49mm in total length (just short of 2") and 18mm in width (about 13/16"), and about 4mm deep without any items enclosed. This piece can be engraved for an additional charge to personalize it further.

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