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Stackable Friendship Bracelet


Colour: Polished Amethyst Cubic

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Perfectly stackable, these polished gemstone beaded bracelets, exclusive to Metalsmiths Sterling feature sterling silver accent beads and a sleek shield shaped logo tag.

Available in Amethyst cubic (rich purple), Amazonite, Malachite & Agate (green tones), Pink Agate (magenta and rose), Turquoise (blue-green tones), Rock Crystal (white-transparent sparkling), Black Onyx (true black), Grey Freshwater Pearl (grey iridescent) or White Freshwater Pearl (cream iridescent).

The gemstone beads on all but the pearl bracelets are spherical and about 4mm in diameter, but vary a bit. As natural stones, the colour of each bracelet will also vary slightly.

The beads on the pearl bracelets are asymmetrical ovals varying in shape and size, mostly around 4mm wide by 3mm tall.

Each bracelet includes four spherical sterling silver accent beads, each 4mm in diameter and a shield shaped sterling silver dangling logo tag 6mm in length by 4mm wide.

Each bracelet measures about 7.25" in total length and is stretchy.

Sterling silver, hypoallergenic and nickel free.

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