Perfect Scent Aromatherapy Lava Touchstones (3)



Easily switch out scents in your aromatherapy locket with these perfectly designed lava touchstones. Lava touchstones are perfectly sized and conditioned to fit inside Metalsmiths Sterling Perfect Scent lockets and to work with aromatherapy oils.

Included is three lava touchstones: a porous material perfect for containing and releasing your favourite essential oil: each sphere measures about 16mm in diameter and can be removed completely from the locket.

Soothing includes one each of Black, Purple and Blue lava touchstones.

Energizing includes one of each of White, Green and Yellow lava touchstones.

Love includes one of each of Pink, Red and White lava touchstones.

Use with the Perfect Scent locket and any of your favourite essential oils (not included) - our designers recommend that you unlock the locket, remove the lava touchstone, add a single drop of your desired scent, and let the lava stone sit for up to 15 minutes to soak up the oil: gently wipe away any excess oil remaining on the surface, lock your scent sphere in the locket and enjoy throughout your day.

We advise against submerging or scrubbing your lava touchstone: a gentle wipe of the surface to remove excess oil or debris is all that is recommended.

To change the scent you carry with you, we recommend either changing out the lava touchstone or allowing the scent in the stone to dissipate naturally. Aromatherapy oils can also be layered to created a scent unique to you.

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