Gemstone Bracelet



A simple statement worn alone, a great piece to stack or add charms to: this unisex bracelet features spherical or faceted gemstone beads on a slightly stretchy cord (industrial grade silicone), a Metalsmiths Sterling‚ sterling silver cube bead adorned with our iconic heraldry and dark oxide copper hand forged discs.

Each bead is about 10mm in diameter and the entire bracelet stretches up to 8.5" around.

Available in faceted Earthstone (tones of blue-brown-black), faceted Tigerseye (warm golden browns), smooth Black Onyx (true black), smooth Azurite (tones of deep green and dark blue) and naturally textured Lava Stone (bubbly/pitted texture, matte finish).

As these pieces are crafted with genuine stones, each will vary a little bit in colour and pattern: you will receive a unique bracelet similar to the one shown.

Crafted with gemstones sourced exclusively through fair trade suppliers. Sterling silver, hypo-allergenic and nickel free.

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