Ring Sizing


UP or DOWN?:

Metalsmiths Sterling offers a range of popular ring sizes, however we do not offer a complete range. If you wish to purchase a ring and have it sized, please first check out the Ring Sizing Guide for the ring: it will indicate whether the ring can be sized and provides some useful sizing advice.

Ring sizing much be purchased with a Metalsmiths Sterling ring: this pricing is available for unworn pieces only.

Ring sizing is available only within half size increments and only within up to two sizes of the purchased ring: some rings can only be sized up and by a half size.

Please select the size you are purchasing and the size you require from the menu.

Purchase the ring in the closest size to that which you need, rounding down: for example if you require a size 8.5 ring, purchase a size 8 rather than a 9.

Having a ring sized will increase the time it takes to ship you your order by an additional 3 weeks.

We cannot size every available Metalsmiths Sterling ring due to restrictions based on material and/or design. Not all rings are eligible for sizing: titanium and tungsten pieces, eternity or channel set rings and rings with a pattern that wraps around cannot be sized.

If you require additional information other than available in the Ring Sizing Guide, please contact

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