Charms Collection

Hummingbird Charm


$35.00 $65.00

A moment of magical serendipity arrives with the tiny hummingbird: a sweetly soaring symbol of everything good: freedom, peace, sweetness & joy, this hummingbird charm from the Charms Collection exclusive to Metalsmiths Sterling is a celebration of beauty, abundance and fun.

The sweet hummingbird measures about 15mm from wingtip to tailfeathers, 10mm in total width and 2mm in overall thickness: when hanging, the charm (including clipbail) measures about 28mm in total length.

Metalsmiths Sterling charms feature a clip bail, allowing you to easily rearrange charms on a bracelet or use them to accessorize a necklace or chain.

Sterling silver, hypoallergenic and nickel free.

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