One of a Kind Jewelry

Our One of a Kind collection shows just how creative Mother Nature can be.  Each piece is handcrafted to show off the unique beauty of its stone. 
These pieces are 100% unique so claim your favourite before it's gone.

Healing Properties

It is said that natural stones contain metaphysical healing properties – that wearing or holding these stones have benefits that extend beyond beautifully accessorizing. 


Agate necklaces

Agate is a beautiful stone. Available in a wide variety of colours, it is often striped and speckled making a very unique and beautiful piece of jewellery. It is said to balance the mind, body and spirit as well as enhancing perception and strengthens relationships.

In addition to the properties of agate, the following stones are said to contain unique properties attributable to their colour or composition.

  • Amethyst Agate: Relieves stress; Soothes irritability; Opens intuition.
  • Black Agate: Grounding & protective; Gives inner strength; Helps keeps the peace in stressful households.
  • Dendritic Agate: Stone of plentitude; Creates a peaceful environment; Encourages enjoyment of each moment.



Amber Jewelry


Amber is fossilized tree resin, 22-37 million years old that floats to shore: our Certified Baltic Amber is from the Black Sea and is completely natural. 

Amber is said to help with balancing the right and left sides of the brain. It can absorb pain and negative energy, stimulate the intellect and helps to alleviate stress.

Ammonite & Ammolites

Ammolite and Ammonite Jewelry

Ammolite is an iridescent semi-precious gemstone. Found mostly in Alberta's Rocky Mountains, this stone stimulates your survival instincts and encourages you to achieve personal power in your life

Ammonites are fossils found in rocks near the ocean and said to draw off negative energy. A lucky stone that brings health, wealth and happiness.


Larimar – Harness the power of Atlantis
With its beautiful tranquil tones, Larimar invokes relaxing days at the seaside. Said to hold the wisdom of Atlantis, Larimar is said to cool tempers, calm fears and relieve stress. 

Rough Stones

Embrace the natural beauty of rough stones. Uncut, these stones radiate their healing energies in all directions. 
rough amethystAmethyst
With its beautiful purples, amethyst is a favourite. Did you also know that it is said to cut through illusion and enhance psychic abilities? It is the perfect stone for meditation and protection.

rough apatiteApatite
Apatite's beautiful blue is said to stimulate intellect, promote realization and enhance creativity. Be careful with this stone if you don't want to know what the future holds as it is said to also stimulate the development of clairvoyance and telepathy.

rough citrineCitrine
With citrine's happy yellow tones, it is no surprise that it is said to help get rid of negativity and lift spirits. It will also help bring about prosperity and success while manifesting wealth and good luck. 

rough ioliteIolite 
Iolite is a vision stone. It is said to help with understanding and clearing one's mind. Use this stone to help express yourself and find the strength to take responsibility.

rough peridotPeridot 
Peridot is a success stone. Peridot is said to dissipate negative patterns that prevent success and to add charm and eloquence to presentations. It protects against gossip and can help evoke a positive response from normally unhelpful people. As a bonus, it will help find lost things... like that favourite pen that keeps going missing.

rough tanzaniteTanzanite
Tanzanite is a stone of transformation. It is said to help dissolve old patterns and move forward. It can inspire optimism and inspiration while giving us a sense of direction. This is the perfect stone if you want to slow down and take a minute to breath.

Information on healing stones is for entertainment value only. Please see a professional if you require medical or mental health help.