Silicone Active Bands

Introducing NEW silicone active bands - these soft and stretchy snag-free rings are a great alternative to metal wedding bands or rings for working hands

Perfect for construction work, kitchen work, working out, gardening, crafting, travel, child care: these flexible silicone bands won't feel tight or get stuck on your finger.

Express yourself with a classic comfort fit design in a matte modern shade, chic stacking bands for a personalized feel or a bold marbleized camo pattern.

Metalsmiths Sterling Silicone Active Bands

 These bands are ideal for environments where temperatures fluctuate as they gently stretch for a perfect fit. They will not snag or scratch on delicate surfaces or heat up/cool down as metal does and are ideal for any situation where a traditional metal band may be uncomfortable, inconvenient or dangerous.

Metalsmiths Sterling Silicone Active Bands

These exclusive silicone rings feature moisture relief anti-airlock release: they will not get stuck on your finger when wet.