Discovery Collection

Discovery Collection

Metalsmiths Sterling is pleased to announce the arrival of the Discovery Collection: one of a kind, unique and handmade pieces released in limited quantities monthly.

Each handcrafted piece is crafted to best showcase the features of exotic natural gemstones within a sleek, sterling silver setting. Pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings & earrings are created to show off these stunning and colourful gemstones.

Some gemstones that are currently only available within our Discovery Collection include:

LARIMAR - shades of soft blue and cream bring the healing energy of the ocean: found only in the Dominican Republic, the soft interplay of blues and whites resembles sunlight dancing on the Caribbean. These pastel blue shades add a fresh touch to any wardrobe for spring.

AMMOLITE - from the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, ammolite displays a stunning and unusual range of shades from bright green to flashes of gold and tangerine. Set against modern sterling silver, an ammolite design in any size is s stunning statement piece - Metalsmiths Sterling has offered an impressive 68mm long pendant showcasing a luscious slice of this opalescent gemstone.

RUTILATED QUARTZ - with needle-like shards trapped within, these dramatic gemstones capture a geometric feel: we've paired rutilated quartz with black spinel and black agate to show off deep and inky tones.

RAW AMETHYST & AMETHYST AGATE - We're no strangers to amethyst: the violet-hued gemstone is an eternal fave, from lavender to rich purple. With the Discovery Collection pieces we've introduced natural slices of amethyst geode, known for concentric rings of varying shades; clustered crystalline edges that show off natural geometry and raw edges contained within sleek sterling silver.

Embrace your wild side and pick up a statement piece from the Discovery Collection today: new designs arrive monthly, so stop by often.

Select retail locations feature their own unique pieces from the Discovery Collection: online designs are offered only in the online boutique.

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