Toronto, ON

Luxury retailers take notice: scent is being used as another tool to create repeat sales and to further solidify brand recognition.

Scent, the most memorable of our senses, is now being used by Metalsmiths Sterling™ in their packaging experience. “Premium presentation sells premium product,” says Peter Konidas, the company's lead designer. He states, “A customer's experience is something we take very seriously and the brand's scent is an integral part of that.”

“Scenting our packaging is one more step in helping to create a memorable experience for our customer,” says Konidas. “We don't want people to just wear our products, we want them to completely immerse themselves in the feeling of what it is to be part of the Metalsmiths Sterling™ brand.”

The brand's scent was developed by Florida-based scent specialists, Air Esscentials. “The scent we developed for Metalsmiths Sterling™ is sophisticated and sensual,” says Marc Levy, executive vice president of sales for Air Esscentials. “It is one of our hot scents for 2011.” The fragrance is a sexy and refined blend of dewy lotus blossoms, breezy jasmine which is illuminated by gingered accents of scarlet saffron, smooth sandalwood, crushed clove, and a hint of scented rose.

Studies have shown that customers tend to stay up to 40% longer in areas that smell nice, which is why many retailers are using scent in their stores. Utilizing scent in one's packaging is taking this idea one step further in creating a specific identity for the consumer. Since one's sense of smell is linked to the emotional side of their brain, a specific scent easily becomes memorable. Creating positive memorable experiences is what successful retailing is all about.

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