Luxury Airport Experience

"It's been great to have more of the brand-name, high-end retailers and products represented," he says. "One of the things we are really focusing on is customer service. This refurbishment gives the customer more opportunity to see some of these brands that are not necessarily available in their area, down the street or even in their local mall. So it enhances that part of the customer experience."

- James R. Gill, Acting Executive Director, PIT

The $10 million revamp of Pittsburgh International Airport provided an excellent opportunity for Metalsmiths Sterling™ to land our first corporate airport store in the United States: an innovative vision integrating high end retail with a brilliant redesign brought UK inspired sterling silver jewelry to those lucky passengers traveling through PIT.

"As before, passengers enter PIT's airside area from an escalator that deposits them in the center of the terminal - where they now find a host of new retail options. From there, passengers proceed to gates in four concourses, which are arranged in an "X" pattern."

- Victoria Soukup, Airport Improvement Magazine

Lee Konidas, chief executive of Metalsmiths Sterling™, considers PIT a unique airport because of its "X" configuration. "(We) recognized an opportunity to be in an airport that is in a transformation with upscaled airport shops and wanted to be included in that mix," he notes.

Read the full article, as published in the November-December 2014 issue of Airport Improvement Magazine to learn more of the exciting renovation project undertaken at PIT and why Metalsmiths Sterling™ chose this fascinating location for a corporate retail location.


Traveling through Pittsburgh International Airport? Pop in and experience the friendly team and unique retail experience offered by Metalsmiths Sterling™ - each location has some unique features, including a selection of enormous gorgeous gemological geode samples distributed throughout the corporate retail locations. Snap a selfie with Pittsburgh's geode and tag it #Metalsmiths925 - we'd love to see your smile!


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