Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel Chain

Metalsmiths Sterling carries chains in two materials: sterling silver and stainless steel. They come in a variety of sizes and lengths.

Sterling Silver
  • A sterling silver chain is a classic and timeless accessory: these pieces are a great way to add some style and personality.
  • Our sterling silver chains are solid (not hollow) and feature soldered links. 
Stainless Steel
  • A stainless steel chain is an economical choice – it doesn't tarnish and is very strong.
  • Our stainless steel chains are solid (not hollow). 
Gold Fused Stainless Steel
  • A gold fused stainless steel chain is an economical choice – the look of gold without the hefty price tag.
  • It doesn't tarnish and is very strong. Our stainless steel chains are solid (not hollow). 

 A few things to take into consideration when selecting your chain:

  • length - chains on our website are measured end to end. If a chain length is longer than you want, we are able to size most of our chains smaller. 
  • weight - the bigger the chain the heavier it is. 
  • care - we recommend a polishing cloth for all chains, but especially for keeping your sterling silver chain gleaming. 


Gauge in jewellery lets you compare sizes - think of it as a unit of measurement: a larger gauge means a larger chain.

Metalsmiths Sterling Chain Gauge Example

A curb chain's links fully interlock when laid flat. Our curb link chains feature uniformly sized links.

Sterling Silver Curb Chain


Rolo chains feature round or oval links interlocked in a uniform pattern. Often an option for thin chains that are worn every day. A popular chain for pendants.



Figaro chains feature three curb links of the same size followed by an elongated curb link, in a repeating pattern.

Sterling Silver Figaro Chain

Inspired by the world of yachting, Marina chain features a link reminiscent of an anchor.

Sterling silver marina chain

Also from the boating world, Anchor chain features offset links, and is designed to mimic the chain used to secure the anchor.

Sterling silver anchor chain

Elongated links, offset on each side form a sleek and smoother surface: a stiffer chain with a definite three-dimensional shape, but supple when worn.

Sterling Silver Cardano Chain

Clean and simple, interlocking offset squares make up this tightly formed chain. Often a very strong option for thin chains that are worn every day. A popular chain for pendants.

Sterling Silver Box Chain

Frequently asked questions: 

What is the weight of your chain?

Sterling silver and stainless steel chains are not sold by weight. The value is in the style, look and quality of the piece rather than just the metal. 

What is the difference between two chains?

Many our chains have very subtle difference, an extra mm or two between the links or a different radius on the curb. If you ever need help deciding between two chains, please reach out to us and we can send the two you are looking at next to each other. 

Can you make a chain longer or shorter?

We can shorten most of the statement and men's chains. We can make some of the chains longer, it will depend on what links we have available in stock. Please send us an email with the chain you are looking at and the length you need and we will get back to you.

Do you sell solid gold chain?

No we do not. 

Sterling Silver ChainStainless Steel ChainStainless Steel chain