Family Charm Keeper Pendants

Family Charm Keeper Pendants

Retro-style charms from Metalsmiths Sterling are a great way to add fun and personality to a gift - we're pleased to have added a way to show off and collect these much-loved pieces.

Family Charm Keeper Pendants are perfectly designed to hold your dangling charms, on a sleek sterling silver pendant. Featuring elegant engraving and classic shapes these pendants are perfectly modern on their own, and uniquely personal when adorned with charms.

Add birthstone charms or initial charms to create a fun family pendant in sparkling colours, and add expressive charms to show off hobbies, passions and personalities.

Perfect for Mother's Day, Family Charm Keeper Pendants are a gift that can showcase parts of a collection already acquired, or be built upon throughout the years.

Now available in Forever or Modern styles, sterling silver, hypoallergenic and nickel free: designed to be used with metalsmiths Sterling clip bail dangling charms.

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