Aromatherapy Jewelry

Aromatherapy Jewelry

Metalsmiths Sterling now offers an elegant line of aromatherapy locket necklaces & earrings: to use these stunning pieces as intended, we have created these instructions.

First, in order to add scent to your aromatherapy jewelry, you will need the jewelry, a lava touchstone (included with each locket), your favourite essential oil, and a soft, absorbent surface, such as a small towel or cloth. 

Locate the clasp on your locket and gently nudge it open: you should hear a tiny pop as the clasp releases, and open the hinged locket. Remove the lava touchstone if it is already inside the jewelry.

Aromatherapy Care & Use

Place your jewelry and the touchstone on your absorbent surface to keep it safe. Open your essential oil and add one drop to each touchstone that you are using. Let the touchstone sit on the absorbent surface for up to 15 minutes to soak up the essential oil.

Using a cloth or tissue, gently wipe the surface of the lava touchstone to ensure that all of your essential oil has been absorbed. Return the lava touchstone to the locket, click the clasp closed and wear your aromatherapy jewelry to enjoy the scent of your favourite essential oil.

We recommend additional lava touchstones to allow you to more easily change your scent, or to change the overall look of your aromatherapy jewelry: fun colour combinations are available in sizes appropriate for each locket and earring size.

For general cleaning, we advise you use the Metalsmiths Sterling Polishing Cloth to gently buff away any residual oils or blemishes.

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