Inaugural participants announced.

New York, NY

The Silver Promotion Service (SPS) today announced that it will introduce a new category on its ‘Savor Silver’ website, a ‘SilverMark Manufacturer’ section. The inaugural participants in the new program expansion include Metalsmiths Sterling of Toronto, Canada.

In commenting on the further expansion of the SPS program, Michael Barlerin, SPS Director, said “Ever since we first launched the website ( with its ‘Designers of Distinction’ group, we have been approached by various silver jewelry manufacturers asking how they might also participate. SPS management recently decided that a manufacturer who met the SPS criteria and agrees to our terms and conditions should have the opportunity to receive the ‘SilverMark Manufacturer’ designation.” He went on to add, “We could not be happier about being able to launch the program with these high quality, design driven, international jewelry organizations.”

The announcement follows one made in June preceding the Vegas shows when the SPS announced that it would introduce the first new category on its website, ‘Silver Products & Services’. Both new categories are planned to go live on the site during the summer.

The Silver Institute’s Silver Promotion Service was established in 2008. The group’s objective is to develop and implement programs to enhance the image of and stimulate demand for silver jewelry initially in the United States.

Press release available here.

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