Black Tungsten Eased Edge Band with Brushed Texture

FTUR389 10


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Masculine and modern, this ion plated black tungsten band exclusive to Metalsmiths Sterling features a brushed texture that pairs nicely with the clean finish of the rest of the piece. The eased edge provides comfort without sacrificing the clean lines of the piece.
Tungsten is one of the hardest materials used for jewelry (second only to diamond), these rings are durable and make great wedding bands.

This band is 8mm wide and is considered a wide band: for comfort, please go up a size from what you would normally wear. Due to material constraints, this band cannot be sized.

Hypoallergenic, nickel and cobalt free.

Ion Plating

What is ion plating?

Also known as IP Plating, this is one of the newest surface coating procedures and also the most advanced till date. It involves adding a titanium nitride layer to the base metal, in a vapour form. The end result is a harder and more durable surface which offers greater brightness and sheen than the traditional methods of plating.

The process of Ion plating

The high chemical stability of titanium nitride, which forms the surface layer in this method, is what gives IP plated surfaces their resilience and durability. To begin with, a layer of titanium nitride is added to the base surface of tungsten alloy. Additionally a final plating metal is added to the surface; the thickness of this layer is no more than 0.3 urn. This top layer is what gives the plating its colour. The process is carried out in a vacuum environment as low pressure has to be created for the evaporation of solid metal. Electric ions are produced when the vapour is heated and bombarded with electrons. This plasma is accelerated by the magnetic field induced, as it covers the base metal. Given its durability and chemical stability, ion plating is rightly called ‰ÛÏpermanent‰۝ coating.

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