Gemstone Friendship Bracelet



A simple statement worn alone, a great piece to stack or add charms to: this bracelet features spherical gemstone beads on a slightly stretchy cord (industrial grade silicone) and a Metalsmiths Sterling sterling silver stamp of quality bead.

Each bead is about 12mm in diameter and the entire bracelet stretches up to 7.5" around.

Black Onyx is considered a soothing stone, said to assist in self control, intuition and decision making while absorbing negative energy.

Red Quartz is considered a balancing stone, said to radiate helpful energy and balance out emotions.

Blue Agate is considered an energetic stone, said to bring a boost to the mind, body & spirit and encourage the zest for life.

Brown Agate is considered a protective stone, said to attract wealth, enhance communications and provide inner stability.

Rose Quartz is considered a nourishing stone, said to encourage unconditional love, compassion, peace, tenderness and healing.

Turquoise is considered a tranquil stone, said to embody wisdom, nobility, power, luck and protection.

As these pieces are crafted with genuine stones, each will vary a little bit in colour and pattern: you will receive a unique bracelet similar to the one shown.

Crafted with gemstones sourced exclusively through fair trade suppliers. Sterling silver, hypo-allergenic and nickel free.

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