Sterling Silver Chain: Our Guide

A sterling silver chain or bracelet is a classic and timeless accessory: particularly popular for men, these pieces are a great way to add some style and personality.

Available in a wide range of styles and lengths, our sterling silver chains have the Metalsmiths Sterling™ commitment to craftsmanship and design in common.

Sterling Silver Chain Terminology  

We reinforce clasp and terminal ends, where a chain can see the most wear, ensuring an enduring design.

All O-rings are fully soldered and chains are soldered between each link, resulting in overall strength.

Our elegant lobster clasps are scaled to the thickness of each chain for consistency of design and appropriate strength.

Lobster Clasp Selection

Every chain bears the Metalsmiths Sterling™ branded logo tag to indicate it has met the highest standards for quality: the tag includes our hallmark and stamp.

All of our chains feature solid links for a reassuring, yet comfortable weight: we do not carry hollow core chains, they are solid through and through.

Each chain is hand polished (rather than machine polished) for a superior finish: each link is checked during the polishing process, ensuring a high quality chain.

The same attention to detail is applied to every chain or necklace, regardless of length or weight.


Our heavier weight chains are frequently referenced by gauge: a larger gauge means a larger chain.

Metalsmiths Sterling Chain Gauge Example

A curb chain's links fully interlock when laid flat. Our curb link chains feature uniformly sized links.

Sterling Silver Curb Chain

Figaro chains feature three curb links of the same size followed by an elongated curb link, in a repeating pattern.

Sterling Silver Figaro Chain

Inspired by the world of yachting, Marina chain features a link reminiscent of an anchor.

Sterling silver marina chain

Also from the boating world, Anchor chain features offset links, and is designed to mimic the chain used to secure the anchor.

Sterling silver anchor chain

Elongated links, offset on each side form a sleek and smoother surface: a stiffer chain with a definite three-dimensional shape, but supple when worn.

Sterling Silver Cardano Chain

Clean and simple, interlocking offset squares make up this tightly formed chain. Often a very strong option for thin chains that are worn every day.

Sterling Silver Box Chain