5 Reasons You are Going to Fall in Love with Jade

The newest addition to our One of a Kind Collection, Jade is known for its stunning green colour. Here are 5 other things you didn't know about Jade. 

  1. Warms up to You
    Jade is cool to the touch when you first put it on and warms up as you wear it. 
    We absolutely adore that wearing one of our jade bracelets is more than just a fashion statement –  wearing one throughout the day is experience in tactile bliss. 
  2. Bring on the Luck
    Jade is said to bring luck and prosperity to those who wear it. 
  3. More than Green
    Jade comes in a variety of shades from white to dark green. 
  4. Full of Wisdom
    Jade is said to bring balance and help see past self-imposed limitations. With newfound clarity and harmony comes wisdom.
  5. Classic Jewelry Stone
    Jade has been made into jewelry since ancient times. While styles have changes over the centuries, jade beads are a timeless addition to your collection.

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